how to check blind spot while driving

how to check blind spot while driving

The dead angle in the car is a physical phenomenon that the driver experiences every day. It is the area around the car that the driver cannot see using the side and rear mirrors, and this angle can be so large that it may hide an entire car or motorcycle. For safety and safe driving on the road, every driver must learn about dead corners and understand everything related to them, from determining their cause to how to avoid and get rid of them. According to cars24:

In order to keep you and the occupants of your car safe on the road, it is essential to understand what blind sport is and how it leads to many accidents every year. One of the simplest driving rules is that you shouldn’t get off your lane unless there’s enough space to do it safely.

Obviously, the only way to find out is to use rearview mirrors, both internally and externally, where vehicles driving behind you and those passing by you are visible in these mirrors. However, there is a small space that is not covered by any of these mirrors, known as the blind spot. Obviously, a blind spot is simply an area that neither the naked eye nor your car mirrors can cover.

Some car manufacturers have succeeded in equipping their fleets with special cameras that show all points that the driver cannot see with the naked eye through the side mirrors or the rear mirror, and some have been increased by electronic sensors placed on the sides of the car in the blind spot area that reduce potential blind spot accidents.

Dead angles and their dangers while driving

Dead angles and their dangers while driving

The main reason responsible for dead corners is that the parts and components of all cars are the first and main cause of dead corners, as some parts of the car may block some of the areas around the car and prevent their vision, and the car poles (responsible for fixing and supporting the roof of the car) are mainly responsible for the formation of most of the dead corners in the car.

How dangerous the dead corner in the car: Dead corners in cars are one of the most serious issues, as the thousands of accidents that occur annually, in which many people lose their lives, arise and result from the dead corner in cars.

What is the solution to dealing with dead angles? Here are a set of solutions to deal with dead corners: using larger mirrors, using mirrors for dead corners, turning the head instantly and quickly towards the hidden area of the dead corner; to see them clearly, check the mirrors constantly, once every 8 to 10 seconds.

Where is the blind spot in the car?

Front blind spot

Have you ever turned from one street to another from the right or left side and been sure that there was no obstacle and the intended street was empty of cars or any other elements? This occurs as a result of the small size of the obstacle in front of you, which is often in the area where the front lights of the car are located, and drivers are usually unaware of this area because it is intermediate between the front and side of the car.

Side blind spot

Inevitably, you have faced this situation beforehand. While driving on highways, you stick to your lane and continue your path in a straight line until you notice a car approaching from the right or left side to your side, and you are able to see it in the side mirrors, But what if the car is a bit far away from you so that the side mirrors cannot detect it, and then your car suddenly moves on the side of the other car, thinking that the street is empty of any cars and that you made sure of this by looking at the side mirrors? This example shows the side blind spot.

Posterior blind spot

You will recognize the blind spot behind the car while trying to park the car or get out of a specific place, and you will look in the middle mirror and make sure that the surrounding street is free of cars or people, but what if someone behind you is far from the field of view of the center mirrors? Here lies the problem!

How to avoid blind spots

While blind spots are certainly dangerous, fortunately, there are many ways to avoid them, even if you can’t eliminate them. Here are some steps to prevent blind spots and accidents that may occur due to this phenomenon:

Adjust your mirrors

  • Make sure the mirrors are set correctly to give you the best possible field of view when you start driving.

How do I know my blind spot

  • Once you have adjusted your mirrors, try to figure out which spots are not covered by the mirrors. This way, you can be careful from the beginning when driving around the areas that are not covered by the mirrors.

How to adjust car mirrors to prevent blind spots

After we have touched on some solutions to the problem of blind spots in the car, let us present to you the correct way to adjust the side mirrors and the center mirror to avoid blind spots in the car.

  • Adjusting the left and right side mirrors with the maximum level of head movement to the right and left It is preferable to keep the field of vision away from the body of the car, i.e., the first area you see in the side mirror is the edge of the side structure of the car, thus increasing the range of vision.
  • Adjust the center mirror as required so you can see what’s behind you clearly.
  • In conclusion, we advise you to be careful when driving alongside large trucks and heavy-duty vehicles and avoid overtaking them, as the driver may not be able to see your vehicle. This was all our information about the blind spot in the car and the most prominent solutions to the problem of the blind spot. We hope that we have provided what you need to know.

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