BMW i Vision D

Perhaps you’re accustomed to seeing future car releases or concept cars, and one of the most remarkable futuristic cars created by BMW is the BMW i Vision Dee. It provides an exceptional glimpse of advancement and innovation in the world of fast-paced automotive technology.

If you think you’ve seen the strangest future cars, you haven’t seen the captivating BMW i Vision Dee yet. Take a look at our article and discover the advanced technological features in this highly evolved BMW car. Who knows? We might even see some of these technological systems in everyday driving vehicles.

BMW i Vision D

The iVision Dee car embodies the image of the ideal vehicle in the world of digital mobility. The term “Dee” represents the digital emotional experience, and the car’s name aligns with the intended driver experience of enjoying the ride in a modern, new car that accompanies you on the road as your digital friend, rather than just a means of transportation.

Moreover, the BMW iVision Dee blends the physical and virtual realms to provide you with everything you need while driving. It supplies you with all the necessary information and data about the road, ensuring your personal comfort, and creating an enjoyable time within the modern cabin.

The iVision Dee car follows the NEUE KLASSE model and is planned to be launched in 2025, allowing us to witness the smart, technological car models from BMW on the streets and roads.

Exterior design

The company announced that the BMW i Vision Dee is a classic sports sedan with a three-box design and simple shapes, distinguished by a unique dimension that sets it apart from any other car.

Looking at the design of the i Vision Dee, you’ll find it to be an evolved version of today’s electric car designs. One of the notable features of the car’s design is the use of space, simplicity, and the absence of excessive details and complexities in the exterior structure. However, you’ll notice sharp angles in the front and rear of the vehicle, adding a sense of modernity to the design.

There are no traditional headlights and taillights; instead, they seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s structure with slim light strips. This is a completely unconventional and innovative choice.

On the front facade of the vehicle, you’ll see the word “Dee” directly on the exterior body, in contrast to traditional cars that have the vehicle’s name or model written on a small plate surrounded by a grille and shiny chrome.

When looking at a top view of the BMW i Vision Dee, you’ll notice the contrasting black roof, giving it a powerful and distinctive appearance.

And, as always, we save the best for last. It’s a car that can change its color, thanks to the Electronic Ink (E INK) paint technology by BMW, which allows you to customize the exterior color of the car with a wide range of colors, patterns, shades, and shapes. Undoubtedly, the feature of changing the exterior color in the BMW i Vision Dee has added a lot of excitement for fans of the German brand. It truly represents a different kind of innovation in the world of electric and smart cars.

IVISION DEE’s advanced systems and technologies

The BMW i Vision Dee is equipped with an advanced array of technological systems that are unseen in traditional cars, no matter how sophisticated and new they may be. All these systems are integrated and work together to provide the best possible experience for the driver and passengers.

In our electric BMW cars in the UAE 2023, we are accustomed to seeing the latest technologies and technological systems, such as the BMW iDrive system and many others.

Front data display

The front display screen of the BMW i Vision Dee possesses a new feature called the BMW Mixed Reality Slider, which is a central control knob that can transform the vehicle’s front windshield into an integrated digital panel. This gives the driver excellent ability to view data and information in an unconventional manner. Additionally, touch sensors enable the driver to select four levels of digital content and how it is displayed on the windshield.

Here are the levels of display of digital content on the iVision Dee’s large screen:

  1. Level for driving-related information.
  2. Level for communication system content.
  3. Level for projecting images onto the front windshield with augmented reality capability.
  4. Level for accessing the virtual world in its entirety.

Interactive communication system

Interactive communication system

The interactive communication in the BMW i Vision Dee encompasses all aspects related to the commands of the driver and passengers, catering to their needs for an enjoyable time inside the car’s interior. It’s essential to note that it is an intelligent cabin that responds quickly to commands, adapting to the surrounding environment and various conditions.

The interior design of the car aligns with the exterior design, incorporating the same elements of simplicity and clarity. Additionally, voice interaction is integrated for both actual driving and driving in the virtual world, which is a highly important feature to meet the needs of the driver and passengers.

Digital physical icons

BMW defines the physical iconic symbols as the car’s ability to clearly express emotions. This is achieved through hidden front lights that determine when and how they are displayed. They seamlessly integrate with the kidney-shaped front grille to create a unified physical surface with dynamic expressions. We have witnessed numerous advancements throughout BMW’s history that demonstrate the company’s strength and innovations.

Electronic ink coating technology

The iVision Dee car features a new technology called Electronic Ink Paint, which allows the car to change its exterior color according to the driver’s preference. It can be made red, black, or a combination of red and black.

One of the key advantages of the BMW iVision Dee car is its ability to embody and understand the driver’s personality. The vehicle can analyze driving style, personal preferences, used commands, and other details related to the driver’s personality in order to anticipate future driver preferences. It can even sense the driver’s proximity and automatically open doors without the need for manual operation, making it highly interactive.

This concludes our article about the BMW iVision Dee and its various new technological features that we anticipate to see in conventional cars available for everyday driving.

At the end of the article, we got to know the most important features of the car BMW I Vision Dee. For more information, follow our website www.supexteam.com.

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