The most common car malfunctions

The most common car problems

  1. Optical illumination in the car dashboard.
  2. Engine malfunction.
  3. Fuel exchange is greater than normal.
  4. The car overheated without introduction.
  5. The end of the battery life.
  6. Changing car tires.
  7. Brake sound.
  8. Engine start failure.
  9. Drexon vibration.

If you are planning to purchase a new or used car, there are a number of issues that may arise if proper care and routine maintenance are not performed. According to several studies, there are a range of commonly occurring problems and malfunctions among cars.

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Light warning

The front dashboard of your car contains more than a hundred indicators and warning lights, each of which signals the presence of a problem, malfunction, or fault in one of the car’s components.

Through a catalog of car malfunction signs, you can identify all of these faults.

However, it is important that when a warning light appears, you do not ignore it and instead head to a maintenance center to resolve the issue.

There are warning lights that, if illuminated during the driving process, require you to immediately pull over to the side of the road, such as the engine light and the oil light.

Engine running problem

Engine running problem

There are many reasons that can lead to the occurrence of a problem in the engine’s operation.

For a car engine to function, there must be a proper and adequate mixture of air and fuel inside the combustion chamber of the engine.

If there is a malfunction in either the fuel or air system, this means that you will need to replace one of these components.

Great fuel economy

With the continuous fluctuation in fuel prices in our markets, we strive to obtain cars that are fuel-efficient.

This is indeed what is happening, but if you feel at some point that the car is consuming more fuel than usual, you should perform a comprehensive check of the fuel system. Perhaps there is a fault in one of its components, the most prominent of which are:

  • Fuel filter.
  • Air filter.
  • Airflow sensor devices.

One of these parts may need to be replaced in order to restore fuel efficiency to its normal state.

Don’t forget that using the air conditioner, radio, or lights, and all of these technologies, continuously consumes fuel in the vehicle.

On the other hand, if you decide to turn off the engine and open the window, the force of the incoming air into the car will result in slower movement on the road, which will push you to press the fuel pedal horizontally, meaning greater fuel consumption.


From time to time, you should check the temperature gauge level in your car.

Some cars have a traditional setting where the gauge level is at the seventh level of temperature, while other cars have the gauge level at the halfway point.

If it goes beyond this limit, then there is a problem.

The cooling system in the car is complex due to the presence of many temperature sensing devices for the coolant and heating.

There may be a problem with the radiator or water pump.

If the temperature gauge rises while driving, we advise you to pull over and then head to maintenance centers.

End of battery life

End of battery life

One of the main components in a car has a varying average lifespan, but it is usually around three years or 80,000 kilometers.

The main reason for power depletion from the battery is usually due to a decrease in amperage.

In this case, the battery will need to be recharged, and you can do this by connecting it to another battery or car.

However, you should note that recharging a depleted battery is not as fast as some may expect.

It requires several hours of driving on the road, such as pressing the fuel pedal for an extended period of time, which means faster battery charging.

You can go to a maintenance center to read the amperage level of the battery, and if it is low, this means that the car needs a complete battery replacement.

Changing car tires

First, in the case of a tire puncture, you do not need to replace it, but you can maintain it and drive on it. In the summer season, the air pressure inside the tire varies.

With the increase in temperature and the continuous friction of the car on the road, this means that it will be susceptible to an increase in air volume, which may result in bulges in certain parts of the tire.

There is also a projected lifespan for the tire that must be changed afterwards, and you can know the end of this lifespan through the disappearance of prominent marks on the tire.

We do not recommend changing all four tires at once, but rather changing only the one that needs it.

You can also rotate the tires every 10,000 kilometers or when changing the engine oil. The rotation process does not always focus on a specific side of the tires but rather on all sides.

Brake sound

Normally, when you drive your car and press the brakes, you don’t hear any squeaking sound. But if you do, it means there is a problem.

The brakes are also designed to wear out their parts, and therefore, after a period of time, this sound will be heard as a result of the wear and tear of their parts.

These brakes also have a projected lifespan and are replaced by specialized maintenance centers.

Engine starting failure

One of the most common issues is that the engine does not start at the beginning of the day when starting it.

There are also many reasons for this, such as damage to the car’s dynamo or engine malfunction, and this problem can be anticipated through continuous inspection of the car.

Steering wheel vibration

A person may feel vibration in the steering wheel, mainly when driving at high speeds, pressing the brakes, or when shifting to a specific speed in the transmission.

Perhaps there is a problem with the alignment or tire balance, but if the steering wheel deviates on the road, it means that there is a difference in the air level inside the tires on the side where the deviation occurs.

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